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Let us take you on a quick tour of some of the many different types of glass you can purchase for your projects.

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Laminated Or Tempered Glass?

When deciding to change glass in a door or in a stair railing for example, someone may ask you: Laminated or tempered? What's the difference? In short, both of these type of glasses are considered safety glass types. 

  • Tempered glass is 'toughened' glass
  • Laminated glass is 'a glass sandwich'

Tempered glass is 'toughened' glass. A regular piece of glass is cut and polished first, then placed into a furnace and heated to 1200 ferenceits before beign rapidly cooled down. 

Tempered glass is about 5 times stronger than regular glass

Tempered glass shatters into very small pieces, reducing injury risks

Laminated glass is 'sandwiched glass'. Basically to panes of glass are seperated by a thin layer of vinyl and then sandwiched together. This process allows for many advantages that make it very safe glass.

When broken, laminated glass stays in one piece

Laminated glass is UV resistent

Coloured and designer Glass!

Who said glass has to be clear? Glass is the perfect way to make your home more beautiful, artistic, and yes... shiny! Coloured and designed glass are a super fun way to liven up any look.

Our laminated glass comes in a great variety of designs and colours!

Textured Glass

Have you always imagined glass as a smooth surface? If so, let us introduce you to textured glass! Textured glass can add beautiful texture and richness to your decor. 



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