Window repairs & installations

Foggy or misty windows blocking your view?


Did you know that in many cases, replacing only the glass of your windows without the frame, can fix all of your issues and cost you much less?

Luxery showers

Forget about the rectangular low quality shower you saw at the store. Let us build you the perfect shower to fit your bathroom perfectly in space and in style.


No idea is too crazy!

Custom mirrors & installtions

Wish you could stare into a large, clear, beautiful mirrror perfectly fitted to you home? We will cut the highest quality of Quebec made mirror into the perfect size and shape for you. 

Other glass needs

From magnificent glass stair railings, to tropical solariums, Vitrerie Vaudreuil is YOUR glass shop.


Glass tabletops, glass writing boards for your office, industrial or home doors..


  • Door repairs & installations
  • Window repairs & installations
  • Custom cut mirrors



  • Solariums
  • Commercial doors, windows, and glass displays
  • Glass stair railings
  • Decorative and coloured glasswork
  • Luxery showers
  • Tabletop glass covers
  • And so much more

Make your home shine