Frequently asked questions

My bathroom is small, can I still get a fitted shower?

Absolutely! The beauty of having a custom made shower is that you aren't constrained to pre-bought sizes and shapes. Give us a call and we will come evaliate your space and suggest the best way to create a beautiful shower for you that allows your space to breathe and be functional.

My ceilings arent at 90 degrees with the walls, can you custom create a shower for me?

Yes, yes, and yes! It doesn't matter what angle your ceilings are. A custom shower can be created to accomodate your space. Our experts can evaluate the shapes and angles of your bathroom and suggest a beautiful shower design that will feel large and work with your architecture.

Whats the difference between changing my windows with and without changing the frames?

Other glass shops may only offer to change your entire windows, including your frames, which can equate to a very large bill. At Vitrerie Vaudreuil, we offer you a better solution. Often times, the glass of your windows is that actually needs to be changed, while your frame is perfectly fine. We change the glass to allow a clear and beautiful view while working with the frames already in place.

How can I stop loosing heat during winter?

Everybody knows that our hydro bills here in Quebec have been racking up. As a result many of us our attempting to reduce our heat loss. Reinsultating your windows can make the world of a difference by reducing heat loss substantially during colder months. Our experts can remove old, dry, and useless insulation and replace it quicly so you stop loosing money.

What's the advantage of thermopane windows?

Talking about dollar signs on your hydro bills, thermopane windows can save you a lot of headache. If its time to change your windows, consider thermopanes. Thermopanes will allow you to be greener while also recuing heat loss through your glass windows. The government of Quebec presently allows a substantial end of year yaxe deduction for 'green' home renovations. Read more here.

How can I tell if my windows need replacing?

Besides the obvious broken window cunundrum, your windows may need to be changed if you notice:

  • Cold spots near them
  • They are hard to clean
  • They are foggy
  • They are misty
  • They look dirty all the time, even when you've just cleaned them

Should I change all of my windows at the same time?

You may notice that some of your windows need replacing while others seem ok. Should you change them all at the same time? The straight answer is no, but it depends on how soon those other widnows will need to be changed. Our experts can cloely analyze each window and tell you approximately how long is left to yout 'windows life'. That way we can recomment which ones to change, and which not to, so you can save money, time, and frustrations years down the line.

I've heard your can have small holes made in your windows to clean them without changing them. Is that any good?

Unfortunately no. This is a costly temporary bandaid at best. Basically your windows are pierced (never a good idea) to then be cleaned from the inside. Then a simple plug is placed to cover the hole made. Unfortunately this will not resolve the cause for your windowd to become dirty, foggy, or misty int he first place. Within a few months your windows will look just as bad as they did before. But your bank account will be a few thousand dollars lower. Changing the glass without changing the frame is a much better solution and wont cost you much more.

What's the difference between a mirror at a glass shop vs what I buy in a decor store?

Remember that TV you had in the 80's or 90's? Now look at your brand new 4k TV. Thats the difference between a tore bougth mirror and a custom mirror from our glass shop. Our mirrors are of the highest quality, they won't distort your reflection, exagerate light reflections, streak and get damaged easily, and so much more.